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port barton palawan fun joy travel and tours
4,500~ Php/person
Port barton is a village on the northwest coast of the Island Palawan. Conpare to El Nido, Port barton is quieter, smaller and more laid back place. Popular for simple backpackers who appriciate and enjoy the nature, Relaxed atmosphere and the natural beauty of a quiet and peaceful beach side village.
coron island palawan fun joy travel and tours
5,500~ Php/person
Coron is one of the main tourist destinations in Palawan. It belongs to a group of a hundred of islands in Calamianes northern part of Palawan. Coron is not only known for a Diving spots but also unique rock formations and cliffs. You can see them while enjoying island hopping.
elnido palawan fun joy travel and tours
5,500~ Php/person
The ultimate destination in Palawan. It's known for its white beach, coral reef and as the gateway to Bacuit Archipelago. Minirock Island is framed in crystal clear water of small and big lagoons. Nearby Shimizu Island has a fish sanctuary like aquarium water. El NIdo also has various dive spots.
5,500~ Php/person
It's known as the city in the forest. It is also declared that there is a God living in this city.That's why no natural calamities such as earthquake,regular typhoon and active fireline. Places where good for sightseeing and dive sites are many around this city.
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